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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yay!! BSF holiday starts today!!

Yup..BSF holidays start today and will be on for 3 weeks. Next class is on the 20th of June. For those who dunno,BSF stands for Bible Study Fellowship. My BSF class is the Klang Evening Women and we are in our pilot year, meaning this is our first year.

I really like attending our discussion groups-listening to the other ladies' answer to the questions. Really insightful. Oh..but BSF is not all fun..there's HOMEWORK to do!! Yes, homework. We are given questions to do daily as our quiet time material and boy..those question can really be mind boggling..haha. Must read the questions at least 2 times to get the meaning and also what they want to ask. Although all the ladies in my group are much older than I am(except Bel), I find that I can still fit in well. Maybe its because they don't hold any barriers and act like we are all equal, all of us came to learn and seniority does not matter. THAT'S what I like. Equality. Everyone listens to everyone and does not impose or say that your answer is wrong. Instead, if the answers given are different from the main/common stream of thought, maybe God has revealed Himself to that person in another way and her sharing is a way God speaks to us. :)

After our discussion, we have the lecture. I find that the lecture is to-the-point and does not beat around the bush. The lecturer, Su-Wen is really a gifted speaker. I really enjoy listening to her.

All-in-all I really like attending BSF..haha. Never thought that I would say this. I hope that I will be able to continue in the Klang BSF even after uni starts. If I am unable to make it home, then I might join another BSF group. But now, its holiday time and a nice break from the questions that never fail to stump me!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

OA Ministry

Its time to go to OA again!..haha. Actually I am having mixed feelings. I kinda dont feel like going but then when I go, i really enjoy myself there. Before I go, i dread having to prepare the SS lesson-either the story or the memory verse). But when I'm there, i really enjoy teaching them,although they really cannot sit still. LOL.

Anyway, every time we go OA, Uncle Peter will stop at Bidor for breakfast and we will eat either chee cheong fun of wantan mee.YUMMY! Then we will but some breakfast for afetr breaking of bread breakfast in church. Then for lunch its either wantan mee or ais kacang and rojak. Really nice and the stall serves relly huge bowls of ais kacang. It takes 2 of us to finish one regular sized bowl. Oh and did I mention that Uncle Peter always belanja's us?..Yup he does. Every meal. Every time. So nice of him. =P

Okay la better go and prepare for tomorrow :)

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Still Waiting....

You know, its been 6 months since I left school. And it also has been 6 months that I have been doing totally nothing everyday(except maybe some chores for my mum). Haih. At first I was waiting for my STPM results. Then now, I'm waiting for my uni application results to come out. This means that I have been waiting for 6 months to know what my next step will be, education wise. Man, the ministry of higher education should really do something abt this. Students have to wait for too long to get their university placements. Its really a waste of time. Maybe I feel it more than others coz I didn't work(not bcoz i dun want to but because i cant), but still the government should speed up the process so that students will not be left in the dark until the very last minute. Take myself for example. I don't know if I will get a place in Uni for the courses I applied for until what, the end of June? What if I dont get a place? It will be too late for my to apply to enter private uni's coz they have already started in the month of May. Why cant i just apply and register, then if i get a place in Uni i can juat ask for refund? Of course I can do that, only that i wll lose 30% of the fees that i pay. Crazy ah? haha. Oh and that's not all. I will still have to find for accomodation,buy the books and etc..So this is not a good plan.
Ok enough of whning from me..haha
So what is my plan? Well i actually did get an offer letter from UTAR but i decided against it. I instead opted to WAIT till my uni placement results are out, which btw will be out by the last week of June, according to the website. So if I dont get a place in uni for the courses that i applied for, i will just go to TARC and enter in the July intake. So until then, its more WAITING for me...*sigh*

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

My Interview

My interview went well, I think. I was interviewed by a really nice lady who spoke perfect English. That made me nervous, you know in case any of my pasar engrish escaped.haha. Must make a good first impression mah. Anyway, she asked me a number of questions like:

-So, where are you from?
-Did you travel far to get here?
-So why did you choose the Spanish language?
-What do you know about the Spanish language?
-Do you know any spanish phrases or words?
-What do you plan to do after you finish?
-Do you read?
-Do you like reading?
-What type of books do you read?
-What do you speak at home?
-Any problems with travelling?
-What school activities did you join in?
-Did you hold any posts?

That's about all that I can recall. So it wasnt such a nerve wrecking experience. I answered the questions as well as I could and then left after it was all over. What a big realief!!