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Friday, November 16, 2007

Yes, the semester is finally over.
Goodbye classes, goodbye traffic jam, HEL-LO loitering around the house!

So yesterday was the final day for exam.
My last paper was the toughest for me.
I shall not endevour to be a smarty pants (or pant) and choose crazy electives like Medieval English Literature anymore.

Anyway, I had mamak food for dinner yesterday, and you know, when I have mamak food, I always have teh-o-ais-limau. So my parents tapau-ed for me and I guess the ane heard my mum wrongly. I was given teh-o-limau instead. No ice. Meaning, the teh was super kow.
As some of you already know, caffeine really works on me. Just a sip and I can't sleep.
I drank it anyway. I thought, "Won't need to be up early so no harm having my tehoaislimau".
I was so wrong.
Know wat time I slept? 6 a.m.!!
I even got to hear my sister's alarm going off when I was tucking myself into bed.

Had a good chat with Thyana and Zhu-jinn yesterday though. Its been a long long time since I last saw them. I think the last time I saw Jinn was 4 months ago, and Thyana, its been 3 years!
We talked about so many things..mainly mine and Jinn's plan of going to Melbourne to visit Thyana. haha. We even checked airticket prices and exchanged our holiday schedules. Then we moved on to talking bout Steve Irwin, then my grandma, and then about death. Yes. Death.

Moving on...If any of you are feeling bored or you miss Malaysia or just have nothing to do, I recommend that you go to YouTube and watch all the Petronas commercials there. They'll make you tear for sure. I like the one about the small boy and his grandma the best. Seriously, if you need a good cry or something, go watch those ads.

Oh ya, and I'll be going away for camp this Saturday. I hope I won't forget that. LOL.

And, oh, soon I, Hazel Ng Jin May, will have a paper published together with my lecturer, Pn. Kuang. :D An academic paper. Never thought it would be possible, but I've already presented it and then they'll be publishing it soon. So bangga. Thanks to Pn. Kuang who helped me with the paper and encouraging me to submit it. Also to my friends Soon Ching, who tagged along, and Annie who helped me out with my BM.

Okay. This is all I have to say..for now, at least.
I shall now go and watch E! hahahahahaahahah..*ahem*