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Monday, February 12, 2007

Mysterious Happenings...

Well to start off, its been a long time since my last post. All this due to the fact that I had no internet connection. And so, many things have been happening and have happened.

I have been busy trying to complete my assignments for Pn. Kuang's research paper class on Fridays. A very trying and challenging time for all of us to complete our introductions, lit reviews, questionnaires and what-nots. When Wednesday and Thursday comes, most of us will be stressed, easily agitated and worried and not to mention we will all be lacking in sleep...ALL FOR A 3 CREDIT HOUR PAPER THAT WE HAVE ONCE A WEEK!! Crazy anot? A friend has pointed out that most of us are spending more time on this paper than our other more important subjects like our 1117 and 1118 papers whatever major we are. *sheesh* Anyway, there was this one weekend that I had to pass up my intro la. So i happily typed and printed it out lo. The next week ,wanted to do my lit review, but to my horror, i couldn't find my pendrive. *gasp* Almost died-ed. All my work is in my pendrive and i didnt copy it into anywhere else. I know, foolish of me. Anyway, I went looking all over for it in the house but still couldn't find it. So, i came to the conclusion that it was stolen when i went to the main library. Eh, it has happened before, but not to me la. So how? Monday sommore had to pass up the lit review and i had nothing. NOTHING!! So i just had to tell Pn. Kuang what happened and ask for an extension of time. She gave me till Thursday to complete and hand in. Wah so happy man. So off I went doing my stuff and thinking about my stolen pendrive til....my brother messaged me to say that it was found in the mashing machine...AFTER a wash cycle. I was like "How can? I looked everywhere and even checked my pockets.." But i guess when i was panicking over it i missed out some stuff la. Not sure if it still can work after going through a wash cycle in the biggest washing machine ever.(FYI my house punya washing maching can was 11kg of clothes at one go. So, just imagine the size la).
Mystery #1: SOLVED

So yesterday being the 2nd Sunday of the month I went for OA as usual. Reached home at about 5.15pm and was feeling tired. When i finished showering my parents had already come back. Dad told me there was a gift for me and I was like "What? From who?". He didnt know. The present had my name typewritten and cut, and then pasted on the wrapper. No clue of the sender. Then I opened it. It was a book. Didnt look at the title but straight open the cover to see who the sender was. There was a note but no name...ish. So I then attempted to guess who the sender was by looking at the hand-writing. I thought, it looked like Joanna's, plus she knew where i lived. So i messaged her and asked but she said nope, she isn't the person. And so, i was back to square one. Who is it? Firstly, the book was dropped into my house's postbox which meant the person knew where I lived, which, narrows down the possibilities. Only my school frens and church frens, apart from family know where i live. So who gave me the book? I didn't know. I still don't. If you are like the person who gave the book to me, pls tell me. On the contrary to what your note said, i don't know who you are. ish.
Mystery #2: UNSOLVED