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Friday, January 28, 2005

SCHOOL, SCHOOL and more about SCHOOL

Yes...it's true..I've got school tmr, eventhough its a SATURDAY!! Usual schooling hours sommore. WHY?? Coz we had the day off on Monday, so its time to ganti balik. ARGHHHHHH....dun wanna go to school tmr ler..It's so unnatural. Can't get up late sommore. Ok enough about that. Well, something happened today in my life. I was late for school for the first time in my life! Never happened to before. Not even when I was in MGS. Oh well, I guess it's just like how the saying goes, "there's a first time for everything". Anyways, I'm starting to feel the pressure to start studying seriously. Well some of you might just know that I'm like the most cool person when it comes to studies..Never worry until the last minute and then only start to panic. That is really bad for STPM. Don't think I will be able to use my usual MO(modus operandi) this time round. Might as well not sit for the exam if I do that. sigh

Thursday, January 13, 2005

A week in my life..

This past week has been particularly busy for me. Doing my school homework, updating my school files,etc. Well, the highlight for last week was Lorna+Graeme;s wedding. Can't believe she's married already. Seems to me that all my Church friends are either getting married, moving away or studying overseas! Haih..time really flies, huh? Anyway, Lorna looked great that day. And since my sister was her bridesmaid, she had makeup on for maybe the first time in her life..haha..Then we went for the dinner in the evening. As usual lah..wedding dinners don't start on time. I felt like the acid in my stomach was gonna burn a hole and my insides will come oozing out..That's how hungry I was!! Good thing got papadam to eat or else I think I would just die of starvation. Finally when the dinner vame, Finished the while thing in about 20 minutes, then after that go to the other table and chit-chat. Well, Graeme was dressed in Indian traditional wear and he had on the indian shoes..looked so funny..but nice..Went back tired. The next morning went to OA. Came back in the evening exhausted. Didn't go for gospel meeting that night. Then it was Monday all over again..haih..BUSY,BUSY,BUSY..

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Although school has re-opened for just 3 days, I have already missed one day of school. Ponteng? I wish!..No actually I'm down with the flu. Got the whole package:fever, blocked nose and cough. Well, I'm sure I'll be ok soon. Can't afford to be sick. There are sooooo many things to do this year. So, what's my aim for this year?
Ok, here goes..


1) Achieve better results in my tests+exams.
2) Finish my homework.
3) Be more consistant in my walk with God.
4) Practice my math.

There you have it. My aims for this year. I know its gonna really, really difficult for me to achieve it, but I gotta push myself harder so that I can at least get a reasonable CGPA in my tests+exams and ultimately in STPM. It's gonna be one long, tough and tiresome year. So, please remember in your prayers, ya!

Monday, January 03, 2005

It's a new year...

Well, since it's a new year, so I decided to do something new...and this is IT...Anyways, a blessed new year to everyone!