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Friday, July 20, 2007

I was just listening to this song and I really liked it. So I thought that I'd share. :)

That's the Love of God Sandi Patti

What made God take so much care to make creation glow?
He could have made it black and white and we'd have never known.
And what made God send Jesus to die on Calvary?
Of course it was this joyous thing I feel inside of me.

That's the love of God,
It's never ending,
That's the love of God,
Always forgiving.
He's always there,
He never fails,
All He will do is love forever,
And He loves to share it,
That's the love of God.

It can change a family, it's already changed the world.
When Jesus brings it to our hearts, heaven's banner is unfurled.
And once you start to share it, in His precious name,
You're glad to see your view of life, will never be the same.

Monday, July 16, 2007

What happened?

I r not like drivin to uni!!

Wah, it's been a really hectic 2 weeks for me. Teman mum and dad to hospital for scans la, got wedding la, then got class la, then got COPA IBA la...almost died-ed.

The wedding was nice, of course. Chung Wei captivated everyone's heart when he walked the aisle with the rings, looking all happy and adorable. Sommore he had on this cute little suit. So cute. After that we went for the tea ceremony pulak. Then finally we went for the wedding dinner. It was such a jam-packed day.

The following Monday my classes started. My first class was cancelled coz of a mix-up. hehe. Classmates and I found out that we will be having 3 new lecturers. From 2.25 lecturers (the 0.25 is for Nadia) to 5 lecturers. Tak biasa betul. From using just 1 book, we now have more than 6 books. -_-"'

Thank God COPA IBA was in Klang this year...hahaha. Just 5 minutes away from home. Didn't need to wake up at some unearthly hour to get ready.

Anyway, how did PKGH A and PKGH B end up in the same group??

Sommore our first match was against each other. -_-'''
Sommore we played 2 games back-to-back.
Sommore the time so pekchek.
Sommore we lost. *heheh*

Aiyah, we play for fun wan mah-at least for team B la. And we did have fun. We had Colin, Calvin, Edwin and Matt from Klang Jaya who joined us and also a few newbies in our team.
We didn't strike terror in the hearts of our opponents but we truly enjoyed ourselves. :)

Now about uni. Well, I finally got my Elektif dalam Fakulti. Joined most of the Japanese majors for English for Business Correspondence. The lecturer is nice. She doesn't sweat the small stuff.

Know wat?? Everyday my class starts at 8 am. Imagine...Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday my classes start at 8 am!! Crazy right??? I have to wake up giler early everyday at 5.30 am so that I can leave house at 6.30 am. All to avoid traffic jam. But then the traffic is still slow though when I reach Subang. -_-'''

Pendek kata: I R NOT LIKE DRIVIN!