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Friday, March 23, 2007

I wonder how come I found it so difficult to keep in touch with my school friends; even my close ones. I guess I didn't have the initiative last time. I guess it a little too late now, no? Since everyone's busy with their own thing, and also some of them overseas. Sometimes I see how they have kept touch with their other school mates that i can't help but envy them. Ya, i still do keep in touch with a few of them, but even then I only see them once or twice a year. Sometimes I wonder if I sound uninterested when they call me out. Its not that I'm not interested, its just that I am not sure if I can make it, AND being me, I don't like to give ppl empty promises. If I agree to something, I have to be sure that I am able to carry it out. Hence, sometimes when yall call I might sound apprehensive or maybe like I don't like going out with yall. Oh well. *sigh* Maybe I should put more effort into keeping-in-touch with my kawan-kawans. Who ever said it was easy?

I wonder what the future holds for me. You see, for the Foreign Language Festival at my faculty, we had some talks on career opportunities which were given by one lady from Jobstreet and another from APL-NOL. Well, all I can say is that of the many foreign languages that they are interested in, Spanish ain't one of them. Why? I dunno.

I wonder if I'll ever manage to find a house to live in for next sem! Its proving quite tough now to get a place for the right price and location. Plus the many different wants of different people. I wonder if I'll end up in a nut house because of this.

ANYWAY, have any of you heard of an e-mail voting system to decide where to go and eat Bah Kut Teh (or BKT)?? Well, this happens in my family. LOL. Was just reading my mail and I found this email from my cousin, YT:

I personally feel the need to eat BKT. I am planning this Saturday morning (31/3/07) but can't decide which venue to eat at. So please pick 1, 2 or 3. Remember that might is right when it comes to the selection of BKT venues.

1 : Left shop (Ah Lek behind Ah Kong's house)
2 : Middle shop
3 : Right shop (nearest to KTM station)


And guess wat? There were replies from Cousin Kingdom & Co.. NOT only replies, but other suggestions of BKT shops. Man, we're really commited to BKT. Here's an example of a reply:

Upon receiving this message of great importance,my legion of scholars immediately begun to study the stars as instructed by yours truly and informed me that the alignment of the stars currently point towards :- 3 : Right shop (nearest to KTM station) This shall therefore be my vote>> (nature of message above is due to excessive accounting classes,lol).

When my cousin in Singapore said she couldn't come, this was the reply:


Where is your commitment to the BKT? :) I see Johor plate cars parked outside at the shops on Saturday mah :)

And then when no one voted for #1:

The voting process is fair one. What I am wondering is why nobody wants to eat at Ah Lek and yet he is the one with the S-Class.

NOT only replies but other suggestions were given as well:

O_O noobs! SIN B HIONG FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 points to me for suggesting the winning location!

The final decision?...

OK, so based on my unbiased and fair voting system, we shall be going for BKT this Saturday morning at 8:00am at the middle shop. It is a public holiday. Whoever can make it, you are cordially invited to join. The more the merrier.

P.S. - Sorry Edmund, still no pig intestines though.

Yup. This is my family. =)