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Saturday, February 11, 2006

I'm soo lazy la..

Well..its been 2 months after my STPM and i still have not wrote anything here."Why?" you might ask, well its simply because I'm lazy. So anyway, since ppl have been asking me to update my blog, here I am doing it. Life has been quite good after my exams. No more stress and tuition and stuff like that la. So anyway, after my exams, I went over to Singapore to visit my cousin and to do some shopping.haha. Fter i came back from Singapore the week after that I went for the BUC sports camp, which by the way was a blast(eventhough i couldn't stay for FUAGNEM). Well if i did stay for FUAGNEM, i would have even more fun.As John says..Dun waste fun!! So after that i was busy with Christmas and all: practises of our christmas play. The play turned out well thank GOD. The had been practising for 2 months for the play and I must say it was good. Then came the end of year 2005. Then i went away to GLO Taiping. I was ok there. REally had a lot of work to do there. Duties, assignments, preparations for chapel class and practical ministry...But I got to know a fabulous bunch of frens there.

Anyway, I have just been browsing through scholarships and courses and universities...now my head really aching la.I have pretty much decided wat i wanna do: its either chemistry or linguistics. I cant decide between those two so I will see wat happens la..Also will need to see how my results are. Speaking of results..they should be out soon, i think..man, I'm getting nervous. Dunno how it will be coz the exam was really tough this year...haih.

Well, this is all I have to say for now. The next time i write something here might be after my results or later..hehe =P