the sporadic blogger

Friday, April 07, 2006

Random Jottings

1. I want to have a conversation (about anything) with ppl who are mature in thinking and maybe a little intellectual. I kinda miss having these kind of conversations with my frens like when i was in school. We would talk about biology, chemistry etc and also about tv, our lives, politics without holding grudges and barriers. Its very mind-stimulating. I also miss discussing abt bible stuff with my GLO frens..haha. Although at that time i might not have enjoyed it, i'm missing it now. I guess all the time i'm spending at home doing nothing is taking a toll on me and also due to the lack of ppl withing my age group that i can speak freely with. At this moment i only have the ppl in church but most of them are younger than i am and our thinking is not the same, if i can put it that way.*sigh* Thank God i still have Bel.

2. I'm having mixed emotions abt going to uni. I know most ppl my age have already started; some of them even overseas..haha. Anyway,i feel a little apprehensive, scared and also excited..haha. Can't wait to open another chapter in my life but...LOL dunno how to describe la.

3. Ok i'm through with ppl asking me abt my results and abt my uni and which one and wat course. I know ppl might(or might not) be concerned abt it but...arrgghhh. I cannot stand anymore questions. Sometimes i feel like holding a signboard with all these info on it. haha. I know i'm being mean but just excuse me.

That's all the random jottings i have for now! :)