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Friday, October 13, 2006

NO. I have not fallen off the face of the earth....yet. I have however been super lazy to blog. You know whenever I come back during the weekends, my time just flies. Dunno where it goes. So for all those of you who have been checking on my blog to see if I have been blogging, sorry and thanks.

Well, nowadays I have been busy in uni as well. Semester exams are around the corner and in the coming week I will be have many tests and oral exams. 2 written tests (spanish and semantics) and 4 oral exams-one Dutch and 3 Spanish. Mati-lah. Dunno how to cope. And still ther's TITAS. I haven't studied for it and there's like 13 chapters of nonsence. Well for those who are not in the know, TITAS is actually like sejarah F5 and also a little of kenegaraan from PA,which makes it unnecessary. Like what's the point of re-learning the things that you had to learn in school? Just a waste of resources and time. NO WONDER OUR RANKINGS DROPPED. Seriously I wasnt surprised that we dropped. My faculty, for example is quite well known but just because we are few in numbers and in a far corner of UM that doesnt mean that we should be overlooked. Just like wat my roomate says, "FBL has 2 blocks, one old and the other new, but the new block looks old and the old block, older." And that's true, sadly. I feel as though we are just being forgotten my the uni. Other faculties have really nice buildings and facilities.But us?..Yes I know I am complaining a lot but I feel that more can be done for us. *sigh*

Anyway as I was saying, sem exams are near.I've got 5 papers and they're really widely spaced.

4.11.06 - TITAS
8.11.06 - Pengantar Linguistic
13.11.06 - Dutch
17.11.06 - Spanish Proficiency 1
20.11.06 - Spanish Proficiency 2

See?..Then I will have a month of holidays before the 2nd semester starts on the 26TH OF DECEMBER!! Can you believe it? I start class a day after Christmas. Pity those who are from outstation coz the will have to come back a day earlier to settle down. Imagining celebrating Christmas in Nineth College?..haih.

Wah, one semester just flew away without me realising it. I now believe it when my seniors tell me that our 3 years in uni will just fly past us. Its so fast that its scary. It only seemed like yesterday that i sat for my STPM. Now I will be sitting for my sem1 exams, then sem2 exams then I will be a 2nd year student. LOL. Really can't believe it loh. Before i know it i will be graduating. Can't imagine it man. haha.

Well, that's all for now :)