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Monday, June 19, 2006

I am finally going to university!

Yup its true. I am finally going to UM to do Linguistics. Finally after all the waiting, the reply came :)
I found out about the results when i was in JJ yesterday watching Cars with Fitri, Juli, Joanna and Ivy...haha. Kim Eng messaged me telling me her results when I was in the midst of watching Cars. But I had to tahan from finding out until the movie ended coz I dun want to distract the others(my hp light is very bright). So I finished Cars, which btw, was quite nice, then I went out and then I told them that my uni results were out. Wah so kan cheong man..haha. Anyway, I asked Ai Hoi(who is working in JJ) whether she got hers already then she said yes. So I also faster faster go sms the UPU hotline and then TADAAA..got my results in 2 minutes. So I read my message and it went "TAHNIAH...." haha so happy until I almost scream in the shop. And we were all happy together :)