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Thursday, December 04, 2008

This has been the most productive holidays I've had so far.

Right after my last paper, I drove back to Klang with Swee Zsuan who was coming for a short stay. I enjoyed myself thoroughly, especially the movie. (Madagascar 2 was hillarious!) 

After that, what did I do? Oh ya! The OA kids from Kg. Dusun Seratus came down for a short weekend stay in Klang. There was 11 of them and we had a great time playing games and eating together. They put up a great performance for us too during the Worship Service. 

And right after that, I went to Camerons fro my last PKV Camp. Truthfully, I didn't wanna go coz I was so tired  after all the activities, plus I thouroughly dislike the journey up and down (I get nauseous), but I went anyway, and I'm glad I did. I had a really enjoyable time with fellow PKV-ians and most importantly learnt a lot from Mr. Lian our speaker.

This week has been less busy, i.e. MORE TIME TO HIBERNATE!!  xD
But with the extra time on my hands, I have realised that this might be my last long holiday ever. Next sem will be my final semester and after that...no more sem breaks! :(
Although I do plan to further my studies, its not something thats confirmed yet. Its subject to whether I get a scholarship or not. So, if I don't get a scholarship then I'll just work.
I can't imagine myself working. Seriously, I can't. LOL.

Oh and speaking about the future. I'll be alone next semester. Soon Ching is now in Japan and soon, Annie will be going off to Mexico for a year. I'm so sad. *sigh* This brings the number of people in my class to a grand total of *drumroll* ... 2 !! Yes. Two. Dua. Dos. 
I'm happy for her la, of course. But I'm sad too. I'll be so lonely. *sigh* But I'll be occupied with so many things that *hopefully* I won't feel it. (Soon Ching you better come for my convo okay)

Speaking of the future, now let's talk about the past semester. 

Well for one thing, I thank God that I survived the last sem. I think I was crazy when I registered for so many courses. Almost pengsan-ed doing all the assignmnets for each course. I thought that was bad but, boy! studying was worse. No dout I learnt a lot this semester but I will never, never take so many academic electives again. 

How bad was it? Let's see.

Spanish Discourse
Spanish Syntax
Spanish Translation
Spanish Literature
Spanish Culture
Bahasa dan Makna
Bahasa dan Masyarakat
Bahasa dan Gender

10 Subjects! Did I mention I was crazy?

But hey! I survived! I even survived 20 days straight in college during the study break and the exam period. 

Now, its the time to wait for my results to come out. Argh. I.hate.this.part.

So back to my 'productive holidays' train of thought...The next activity is next week, when Thyana flies back from Melbourne. Haven't seen her in 5 years. Imagine that! So I guess we'll be busy catching up and hang out. heheh. :)

And after that, my family (sans brother coz he didn't wanna join us) will be going to Chiang Mai for a vacation. Yeah I know the situation there is quite tough, but hopefully it'll settle down soon la. 

Then there's Christmas!! And there's the Christmas choir too. 
If you wanna catch our presentation and also the speaker Mr. Lian Mung Yee , come and join us on Christmas morning 10a.m. (I think) at PKGH. 

p.s.: I can imagine Heba and Caning reading my blog post and saying no fluidez, no cohesion etc haha. oh well.