the sporadic blogger

Thursday, March 16, 2006

STPM results are OUT!!

Yup..today was THE day. I wasn't nervous or anything la coz to me, "Nasi sudah jadi bubur". No point worrying about something that has passed. But anyway, i did better than I expected la. Didn't fail my maths haha thank GOD. So, all i have left to do now is to apply for my uni and wait for the reply. Went to school early to take the results and i quickly left..haha. But i am very satisfied with wat i got. Not announcing it here, so if you really wanna know you have to ask me..hehe.
I am feeling really tired now. I was out the whole day sommore the weather is soooo hot.Pening.
So i have now fulfilled my promise to blog after my results are out. Can't think of anything else to write coz my head is spinning and its SO hot!!