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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Well, this being my last week of holidays, I shall honour it with a blog entry

I'm happy that classes will be starting soon. Yes, HAPPY. Two months of holidays can make you feel happy/glad/elated to go to class. At least my existence will be more than just bumming around the house.


I'm feeling nervous about moving back to college. Since I don't get to choose my roommates, I'm worried about what kind of roommates I'll get. eh, not easy to live with each other if we can't get along you know.

However, the plus side of moving back to college is that I won't need to drive everyday from Klang to UM and back. (except when I drive there on Monday and back on Friday). That's a burden lifted of my shoulders. AND being in my final year, I get to get a sticker from uni that allows me to drive in secara terang-terang without fear that the guard will stop and question me. :P

I thank God that he has granted me something that I have really wanted for a long long time. :D hahahahah. I finally made it to the Dean's List. yay!!

But one thing I'm not so excited about going back to uni is: CrazyWoman. Annie knows why.

Today in The Star, it was reported that people have been stealing petrol from cars parked outside houses in residential areas. Where is this place where ppl steal petrol from cars you ask? Where else? KLANG la. If Malaysia boleh, KLANG lagi boleh.

Oh and that day during our RBS04 reunion, they made me introduce myself in Spanish. It hit me that I haven't been speaking for so long (last time was the DELE oral exam) and I'm getting more karat-ed.

The other day, I thought I saw Yat Tuang in Aeon. But I just got a glimpse of this girl coz I was drinking water and happened to turn my head at that moment. The next moment, she was gone. So I thought, she's supposed to be in Australia now, couldn't be her la. Just someone that looks like her. Mana tau when I went out with Shaleen and Zhu-Jinn, Shaleen said she's back. Well, if it really was you, sorry I didn't say hi. :(