the sporadic blogger

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I just realised a trend in my blogging...I usually blog after my holidays. haha. I wonder why. Oh well. Take it or leave it.

Half the semester has passed. The mid-sem break has also come and gone. Tomorrow, classes start again. *sigh*

But nevermind, next Monday is a HOLIDAY!! hahahahahahah :P

Anyway, Iba Unplugged is also over and done with, and as usual, our rehearsals were much better than our live performance. My hand was shaking so badly that at one point, I used both my hands to hold the mic. Like seriously.

Sommore so many things went wrong. We didn't get to do our sound check, we forgot the kapo (Bel almost ran out of things to say to delay the time),I forgot to bring my water, resulting in a phlegm-y throat and sandy voice yada yada yada.

However, many things went right as well. The band managed to get there on time, our church members also reached early, Mr. Anand came, we enjoyed the other performances (well done ppl!), Mr. Lian gave a good message, and overall, I must congratulate the organizers on their good planning and being able to stay sane with the demands of 7 bands!

As for our performance, the first song went well but the second song....could have been better la. LOL. I, for one, kelam-kabut-ed when it came to the last chorus of the Avalon song. Tak sampai the key. DIE. Itulah, lupa bawa air. -_-"' Sommore nervous giler. Sommore the key so high. Sommore I'm an alto and singer is like a super-soprano. Add sommore nerves. *crashhhhh* ahahahah.

Nevertheless, we did our best and that's most important to God. Like our name, Iris, we are to reflect God's glory and not ours. We managed to gain experience and will work on the things pointed out by the judges.

Oh ya, we had the cutest cheerleader la. Chung Wei came with his little sign that said, "PKGH Iris" with a smiley. From the stage I could see the sign but his mom was holding it coz he was too busy doing the air-drum thing. LOL.

Okay la, this is all. Need to go do some work before I go to church and back to 9th college yang tak ber-internet. :( No wonder UM's ranking dropping. *sigh*