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Saturday, July 22, 2006

UM, Orientation, Spanish and Ama

Fuh..these 3 weeks have definitely been a whirlwind. Had so many things going on. As many of you know I have started uni already.

Like Bel said in her blog.."Copa Iba came and went"...Yup and I agree with her..It just came and went like a bullet train. Didn't even have time to let it sink in.LOL.

Registration was the day right after COPA IBA and so I was tired and brown on the day I registered for uni. FYI, I live in the residential college that's outside campus. Yes OUTSIDE. Well, its not that bad for me coz my faculty is actually near my college, but pity the other students whose faculties are not as near.

Yes, yes all the rumours that we freshies get only 2 hours of sleep a day is true. Like seriously. We are allowed to go to bed at maybe 2.30 am then we have to wake up at 5 am and be in the hall by 5.30 am. Those who are late will be punished. Punished how? Well in my case (I was late to get to the hall on the first morning by a few minutes), we were made to do 30 ketuk-ketampi's. Doesn't sound like a big deal, but try doing it when you've only had 2 hours of sleep and you are also physically tired. They shout at you, they shout at you and they shout at you. Seems to be their favourite past-time. Anyway. I can't really remember all the details of that whole week coz of all the lack of sleep but I can give you a brief outline on wat it was like. We did a lot of sitting down in our sels(basically its our group) in the hall where there were 500++ ppl, with no fans switched on. Walked a lot to the DTC for various ceramahs. And there is this competition whre they see which colleges cheers are the loudest and the best. So we have to shout out all our cheers and try to be able to be heard. Lots of ppl developed sore throats and coughs due to the strain on our voices. Anyway, after the ceramahs officially start the cheers will stop and that is when we get our sleep. The DTC is a good place to fall asleep. That's a very sketchy description of our schedule during orientation week.

Okay so after orientation and all classes finally started. And for those who still dunno, I'm majoring in the spanish language. And so I go to class and my first lecturer is from Columbia and she tries speaking Spanish to us only to get blank stares.haha..So she speaks english and starts teaching us the basic stuff like days of the week, months, colours and some very very basic grammar. I also have 2 other lecturers: one is from Spain and the other is Malay. Anyway, I start to realise as I learn more Spanish that it isn't as easy as I thought it would be. Spanish really has a lot of grammar. Initially I couldn't get and kept on making mistakes in my grammar excersises. So I had to study my Grammar every night and finally now, Thank God I am starting to get a hang of it. Also learning vocabulary in class. You ppl should one of my books. It is like a kindergarten book. Seriously. There are pictures with blanks and we have to fill the up...haha. So funny. But I am enjoying myself. Oh and did I mention that my class has only 3 people? haha. (Actually there were 4 of us but one of us decided that she wanted to do law after all so she quit UM)

My grandma is not well at all. She semi-concious most of the time and she has a feeding tube through her nose and she's lying down on the bed 24/7 and sometimes when you call she hasn't got any response. So worried. :(

Okay that is all for now. Adios!