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Monday, April 30, 2007

Finally the holidays are here!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I hear the sound of HOLIDAYS coming!!

I was just thinking of what I'll do during my coming break and I was suddenly reminded of what I did this time last year.

Well this time last year, I went to Malacca for 5 days with Chen Li. Had a great time there. I remember that it was Juliana's birthday and Chen Li wanted to give her a surprise by dropping by her hse and presenting me. You see, Ju didn't know I was coming, or rather, that I had come. LOL. In the end, we decided against it coz we didnt want to give Ju a heart attack. INSTEAD, when we reached Chen Li's home, Chen Li called Ju and and saidlah, that she could do a very good Hazel voice impersonation. LOL. So there we were, fooling Ju until she also believed that Chen Li could really do a good impersonation of my voice. Then in the end we told her the truth. All I can say is, good thing we didn't go over to her house. Haha. I really enjoyed my time there. Helped them wrap the mugs for their Family Night, jalan-jalan with Chen Li, Ju, Melissa and Melinda to Mini Malaysia, Jonker, pasar malam, St. Paul's Hill etc...Aaah..those were good times.

But anyway, the HOLIDAYS ARE NEAR!!!

Although I might be working during the holidays, but I dun care.
NO walking to class,
NO assignments,
NO college food,
NO Hubungan Etnik,
NO Komunikasi Antara Budaya...NADA!!! hahahaha.

But then, there will also be
NO late night talks with my roommates,
NO more asam binges with Swee Zsuan,
NO more comfortable mattress,
NO more looking at our food posters in the room (esp the Domino's one).

Sadness =(

I say that I dun like staying in college but I must say that I will miss living together with my roommates. I tell you, we just click. I always tell them that I thank God that we got each other as roomies. haha.
You know, Melody and Shuh Yin thought that Swee Zsuan and I were Malays on the first day. LOL. The thing is, SZ is a quarter Indian and three-quarters Chinese, and I'm just..dark. (It was a day after COPAIBA, you see).

I will really miss them la. *sigh*

but then again... the HOLIDAYS ARE NEAR!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Well, exams will be starting next week and guess wat?...I'm already sick. hmmph. Anyway, I didn't stay home for the study week coz, you know, how to study at home?..There are always lotsa things to distract me. So I went back to college and i studied. Really. I studied. From Hubungan Etnik to KM and also Komunikasi Antara Budaya. LOL.

Anyway, my exams are supposed to ends on the 27th of April but it got pushed to the 29th, which is a SUNDAY!!! hmmph. Why? Coz I actually had a paper on the 26th, but since it has been declared a public holiday for the YDPAgong's coronation, all exams that were supposed to be on the 2th have been postponed to the 27th. haih. Oh well, can't do much about it so i just gotta embrace it la.

Oh ya, when I came home this morning, I got a shock with what I saw. Let me describe it: it is big, flat and it shows pictures. Got it?..haha. My dad got a new 32" flatscreen LCD TV! Almost pengsan due to shock. Never thought my dad would buy such a large thing. Actually, I never thought that he would even get a new TV. Lol. As I just said..Since I can't do much about it, i just gotta embrace it..RiTE? haha.