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Saturday, December 30, 2006

An afternoon with friends...

Had lunch with Zhu-jinn and Shaleeni today. Went out to Taipan to try food at a restraunt there. Had loads of laughs AND food. We were acting all gila-gila...haha. Not proper but much more fun. After that went to Shaleen's house to visit and sit and eat more and watch tv and play with the cat and dog. The dog was soooo cute but it kept wanting to jump on me. Wonder why..And then there's the cat with the canggih name..Tyrende or something like that. Cute little cat..haha. Jinn enjoyed playing with it...the paper balls and the string and the mineral bottle..lol. Having another reunion on Friday. Looking forward to it. Especially since there wasn't any Deepavali in Shaleen's this year. I miss auntie's good food...

On another note..I have been having class this week. So potong stim. Syok with Christmas then suddenly go back to uni..haih. But it was okla. Had fun with my roommates. Melody got me hooked to Bejeweled. There's like a gazillion games on her laptop. Never-ending fun..HAHA. Yup..one day she was playing this game and Swee Szuan and I were paying so much attention that we didn't realise a monkey came into our room. Szuan thought it was a cat until she turned to look and i turned to look and then we realised it was not.LOL. Then both of us shouted but the monkey selamba just take our bread and wanted to eat it there and then! But then Szuan chased it away. Wondering how it came in ah? Through the front door. It was wide open coz that day was very windy so we opened the door. -_-"'
Yesterday had class at 8am. Well it was supposed to be at 8 but it got pushed to 9am instead. So I was at the faculty from 8-12pm. Ish..I actually woke up late and had to rush like giler. Good thing Soon Ching drove. If not tak sempat. But it was all in vain. Class started at 9am. haih. After class went for PKV then go makan then sister came to pick me up at 3pm. Them went to Midvalley. The parking was crazy. Had to go round for half an hour just to find parking. Anyway, finally also we got one la. Then shop shop shop..or rather walk walk walk until 9pm then balik and reach home at 9.30pm. Sooo tired after that. Went to bed at midnight.

That was how my week was. Eventful.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Happiness :)

I bought a new Agatha Christia book..haha. Yes that IS happiness for me. After such a long time, I finally bought another of her books. My collection is growing slowly but surely. Books in Malaysia are quite pricey so I actually buy books only when there is a sale..but today I really cannot tahan already la. So I decided to treat myself to a book for Christmas. (Point to note for those who might want to get me a gift and are clueless: Books are always welcomed!LOL)

Today I walked around The Curve until I must have looked suspicious to the security guard. Actually, I accompanied my sister on an errand that she had over there. Mana tau it took 2.5 hours. Imagine. I think I walked in and out of Borders like 3 times. Then I finally decided to go in there and sit and read my book. But before that had to go buy a pack of Fisherman's Friend coz I was coughing like mad. Still am. Speaking of the cough...couldn't sleep yesterday due to the cough. Kept on waking up coz my throat got dry due to me breating through my mouth. Wat to do..my nose was so blocked. Coughed until I couldn't stand it and woke up to drink a good spoonful of my cough mixture. After that, I coughed less and slept better.

But I digress...

After walking in The Curve, Ikano AND Ikea..my sister and I finally managed to accomplish something..buying a gift for baby Theo. Such a bright and shiny baby he is. Simply adorable. He's already 5 months old. How time flies. So anyway, my sister and I were supposed to get our Christmas shopping done but tak jadi. What we got done is our shopping list.LOL. We're so running out of time. A few more days to go shopping.argh.

So Christmas shopping was a disaster. But still not as stressful as driving back home. I tell you, some Malaysian drivers really got no manners. haih. Just cut in without even the courtesy to put on their indicators. My sister also another one la. Almost gave me a heart attack. Nearing the toll plaza. One hand on the stearing wheel, the other meddling with the Smart Tag, one eye on the road, the other eye looking at how much balance left on her Touch and Go. Talk about multi-tasking la. Anyway, we reached home in one piece. Thank GOD.

Random thought #1: I realise I only blog when I have absolutely nothing to do. It's like the last thing I do when I'm bored. So the more I blog, the more nothing I have to do, ( I hope that makes sense), which isn't really good, no?

Random thought #2: Hace mucho tiempo que yo no hablo en espanol y quiero Mireya ser mi profesora para el semestre proximo. Pero no es posible. Agreed, Anny? jaja. Okay, I think that unless you are Annie or JC you will not understand what I'm talking about :P

Friday, December 15, 2006


I was just browsing through Eu-Gin's blog then I came across this thing. Then I saw that i had been tagged...lol. Anyway, i shall just be a good sport and do it(since Chenli and Shuang have done it too). Have fun reading it!
Here goes:

These are the rules of the tag:

* The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.

* Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.

* Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.

* If you are tagged the second time.There is NO need to do this again.

* Lastly, most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.


Okay, firstly i agree with ChenLi that 'lover' sounds, well, too 'lover'-ish.So like her, i shall use the term 'significant other'.

Gender: Male la, of course..

1. Must be a Christian that has a good relationship with God. Knows the bible well. Someone that i am able to discuss(and not argue) with about stuff..bible stuff.

2. Able to accept me for the person I am: clumsy, talkative, shy, gila, stubborn, defensive, opinionated (I hope none of these traits that i have used to describe my self with will shock any of my frens).

3. Should be able to mingle with my family. Family is important to me.

4. I don't deem outer appearences as of utmost importance. Read: He doesn't need to be insanely good-looking la. As long as it is enough to catch my attention that's all.

5. Oh and he should have a good personality la. Must be a gentleman. The type that will offer help to carry your stuff and open doors for others. A person that listens.

6. A good driver?..haha. Sounds crazy but i cannot tahan ppl who drive recklessly. And i mean reackless by my definition..not theirs.

7. Someone that i can talk to freely. Someone that i can voice my honest opinion to. And when i do, that he may feel comfortable enough to correct me if i am wrong. I don't want a 'yes-man', ie a person that just agrees to everything that you say.

8. Not a spendthrift..meaning not boros. Careful with money but not to the point of kiamsiap. Spends money wisely, a good steward of God's money.


Okay so that is all that i could squeeze out from my brain..There are more criterias that i know i look for but right now, these are the 8 that i could come up with.

Oh and I am not gonna tag anyone else, so all of you can breathe easy now.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


I got a B for TITAS!!..Yay! hahahaha. Wondering how i can be happy with a B for titas? simple. I didn't study for this subject until like 2 weeks before the exam and also, i just don't like Titas. Believe me. This is one boring, repetitive, brainwashing subject that is COMPULSORY for all uni students. Overall, i did quite well la. I thank God for everything.

Now that that is settled, I have to finalise the subjects that i will be taking for next sem and also to sort out my timetable. Its going to be one super busy semester for me. With 17 credit hours to complete plus the 1 ch that I didnt use last semester...haih.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Well,the Penang Bible Camp is now over. I had a wonderful week in camp, although sometimes it was very stress..Especially during the dorm clean-up and also the memory verses. Liao, the first day's verses was like gila long and sommore i didnt really have time to memorise..And being a first timer, i didnt know that we will be randomly tested at anytime...As for the dorm clean-up, thinking of how to decorate our dorm was though. Plus making sure that the sink was dry, that not a single strand of hair was found on the floor, no creases on the sheets..phew, all that was though but it all added to my experience in camp. Got to know many other ppl, as well as meeting up with old friends. Know wat, i woke up as early as 5.30 am to shower in the morning. If not, i won't have time later coz the bathroom will be packed. I was surprised that i could get up that early just to shower..LOL. Anyway, i learnt a lot from the sessions as well. Eventhough i joined the junior section, i still did learn. In the junior section, we did Putting God FIRST.
Very practical lessons for everyone.

Also, during camp there was a break-in into the girls' dorms. The thief stole the handphones and wallets that he could find. How did this happen? you might ask. Well, the thief climbed up to the 2nd floor through the drain pipe. Sommore the girls didnt lock the dorm doors. Jackpot for the thief la. Why didnt we lock the dorm doors? Well bcoz the girls like to go in go out go toilet go friends dorm etc so they didnt lock the doors coz they dunno if their fren balik already anot. lol. Yup, and no one noticed or heard anything coz the were worn out due to the War Games the night before. I myself didn't hear a sound when the thief was in my dorm. ish..

Oh and my group Vigilance won the competition thingy that was going on in camp. lol. You know wat? My group made me play the piano for 2 meetings. I almost died. I have never played for anything before, not even in church and they asked me to play. Well, i complied anyway. Just hounded the chairperson for their songs and practised a lot and prayed to God to stop my hands from shaking. And it went better that i thought it would. Thank God. For the last nite pulak i kena tarik with 3 other girls to act as seductresses. Wah piang..all the dance steps that Zachary teach so very the hiau and so dificult to do. So we improvised. lol. Our group's theme was western+bollywood. haha. Go figure. But we did it anyway. The 4 of us had to make 'saries' out of bedsheets. Susah i tell you. Almost suffocated..

Anyway, the camp ended on Saturday but i stayed on till Sunday. I decided to follow the SAGC ppl back to Klang coz my bus was 12 am from Penang which meant that I would reach Klang at 4-5am. We stayed in Uncle Edward's condo in Batu Feringghi..just nearby CCC. Had lotsa fun with all those jokers while we went out for dinner, to Gurney Plaza then to eat pancakes.Wah laugh until stomachache man, i tell you. On Sunday morning we all went to Sungai Nibong Gospel Hall for Breaking of Bread service. Then we went to makan lunch in a restaurant. I think we had 8 dishes or something like that. We ate until we almost burst in the seams. Then we went for asam laksa and char kuey teow in another place. Crazy or wat?..haha. Afetr that, we finally went home.
Left Penang at about 3.30pm and reached home around 8+pm. Then went out dinner with parents and Uncle Dexter's family since he fetched me HOME. Then came back mandi then tidur.

After everything has been said and done, I had a really good time at the PBC. I shall treasure all the memories that i gained from it :D