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Monday, June 29, 2009

What has been going on since my last post?

Well, there was my final semester in uni.

SC 2-14

And then there was Fragments.

Too bad I don't have a photo of the lightbulbs.
Then exams.

Ah, those were the days.
Then Camp Cameron.

Family Activities

FlyNewsNetwork: Our daily dose of CC happenings with Sarjan Major Bulat :D

Chalet 11 :)
Then Church Camp.

Silly Dorm poses :P

Then organizing my shelf and books. (it's a big thing, okay)

Guess my favourite author. haha.

My good friends: dictionaries.

Notes, notes and ...

...more notes!

This is what it looks like. For now.

And most recently, Melaka.

Historical buildings

+ Good food = Melaka

In between those events were the Final Year Retreat, writing my thesis, Bukit Cinta and Rimba Ilmu, outings to Old Town Kopitiam, Upekka, Parent's Night, Scrabble, Carynn darling, warehouse sales, and lotsa bumming around the house. :P