the sporadic blogger

Thursday, May 29, 2008

My current uni break has been peppered with happy and sad incidences.

It hasn't been uneventful, although I wished it would have had, because sometimes, no news is good news.

Oh well...

On another note, my face has improved, and I didn't need to go for a series a facials to clear it up. Not being stressed just does the trick for me. (haha, save $$)

What else have I been doing this hols?
-I finally sat for the DELE.
-Learnt some more guitar from my dad.
-Met up with my friends.
-Went to the elephant sanctuary and the other petting zoo nearby.
-Oh ya, THE most important thing I have done this time round was to clean my room AND closet. (Closet space is like real estate to me. Not that I have a lot of clothes, just that my sister has too many books. Yes, she keeps her books from eons ago in our closet.)
- Oh and I almost forgot...I turned 22 this hols. lol. I guess I AM getting old. How else could I have forgotten?