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Saturday, January 20, 2007

My new old house

I came back yesterday to a house that looked so different from the one i left on Monday. No more sliding doors and windows..there's now a 2 leaf door and new windows. Even the colour of my house has changed..inside and out. Oh and there's like no more kitchen..sudah kena roboh. LOL. I like the changes...something different after so many years. Anyway, there's still tonnes of dust everywhere. They don't seem to go away. *sigh*

By the way, let me tell you how long it took me to get back from PJ yesterday. It took a grand total of....2 HOURS!! PJ back to Klang. It was raining heavily yesterday. And the road was jammed. Good thing I took the Kesas instead of Federal. If not, it would have taken me longer to reach home. I was so tired when i got back. Why? Coz my sister's car brakes are very loose, ie. i need to floor it to stop. This during a jam can be stressful. Plus those drivers that don't switch on their headlights during heavy rain. Is it really that difficult? haih..

On another note, I have almost finalised my topic for my researchj already. Yay! After so long. Nowadys, Thursday nights are so busy for me coz on Frideay there's the Ilmiah class and have to finish all of Pn. Kuang's homework. Although this class takes up alot of time, but i really enjoy it. Pn. Kuang encourages critical thinking so...we criticise each others work.Yup. But not the type of sarcastic, hurtful kind..but the constructive type. We give comments or opinions about our friends' presention. Nice :)

Okay, that's all for now. I'm feeling too lazy to type sommore. :D

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Apa macam?

Its been 3 weeks since uni started. How has it been? Well, fun and busy at the same time. At least I have been spared walking to class coz Soon Ching has her Little Turtle and she gives me rides. hehe. PLUS I got to bring a car to uni as my sister has gone to Jakarta to work for 2 weeks. Yup, so far so good la. But this sem i'm taking this course called Penulisan Kertas Ilmiah which really consumes a lot of my time. Basically, its a course that teaches us how to our research paper for our 3rd year. And we actually have to produce a research paper at the end of the semester. This course does not have an exam. We are graded from week to week from our work. Anyway, we have lots to do for this class. Ok, enough of boring stuff.


The renovation on my house has finally begun. Last week, the electrician came and hacked a few holes in our walls. Then yesterday the ceiling guy came to do the ceiling(duh!) and today the painter came to get rid of the paint on the outside walls. So, our furniture has been moved in and out and in and out dunnno how many times. But that's not the last of it. The house has to be painted inside and out, the contractor has to come and change the windows, the toilet re-tiled,the gate fixed, the door fixed and the kitchen re-done, or like my dad said, re-configured. Everything's gonna be topsy-turvy. And all the dust...cannot imagine how its all gonna be. At this time I'm happy i stay in college. No need to deal with all of the dirt and dust. LOL.


A question that Joy asked during CG made me realise something. She asked us "Are you looking forward to the year?". So i thought and the i realised that I AM!! haha. Not sure if i have ever looked forward to a year before but this is the first time that i consciously know that i am. So...Why? Because I have some things that i am looking forward to doing this year. Whether it is of church, uni, house, family and self, I actually have something that i am excited about. :)
BRING IT ON 2007!!